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Dynamometer Repair & Remanufacture

We repair and rebuild about every make and model of eddy current, AC, DC and water brake (hydraulic) dynamometer. Including GE, Midwest, Eaton, Dynamatic, Schenck, Borghi & Saveri, Froude, Hofmann, Horiba, Meiden, Zollner, AVL, SAJ and various others

Send us your broken or just old worn out and tired dynamometer, whether it is an eddy current , water brake, AC or DC and we will repair or remanufacture your dynamometer to better than new OEM performance.

  • Receiving pictures are taken of the dyno as we received it

  • Physical Inspection of the dyno is performed

  • End play and shaft run outs are checked

  • Dyno is completely dismantled

  • All mechanical and critical fits are measured and recorded

  • All electrical items are tested and physically inspected

  • Rotor bearings are inspected

  • Cause of failure is identified

  • All of this information is recorded on our (6) to (8) page job inspection form and compared to OEM sizes and tolerances

  • Pictures are taken through out the Dismantle process, usually (30) to (50) for each job

  • At this point the work is quoted to the customer and the dyno is stored in our temperature controlled facility until a purchase order is issued at no cost to the customer

  • Once a purchase order is received we clean all parts thoroughly

  • Your dyno will go into the machine shop to perform the appropriate work according to your specific dyno work scope

  • Any electrical items will be reconditioned or manufactured new

  • Next your dyno will move into the assembly department and be put back together

  • After each dyno is assembled it will make its way into one of our test cells to be throughly tested checking for bearing temperatures, coil function, water leaks, case temperatures, vibration, any other anomalies and overall performance

  • All of this information, including finish sizes on parts and critical fits is recorded

  • Pictures are also taken through out the assembly process

  • After your dyno passes the quality checks in the test cell it then moves to the paint booth to be painted to your specific color

  • We then prepare your dyno for its passage home and do one last final quality check

How does it work?

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