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Dynamometer Controllers

We provide digital closed loop controllers for AC, DC and Eddy Current Dynamometers

  • Integrated PLC with touch screen interface

  • Displays speed and torque

  • Manual set point entry of speed and torque

  • Allows load cell calibration

  • System alarm indication

  • Security login

  • Remote interface of controller through analog/ digital I/O's or Fieldbus communication for interfacing to your test cell automation

  • Precision speed and torque control

  • Bump-less transfer of speed and torque

  • Speed feedback is accomplished through digital magnetic pick-ups or encoders

  • Torque feedback is accomplished through torque sensors or load cells

  • Easily configurable and easy to operate

  • Standard enclosure is 19" x 8-3/4" x 13"

  • Can custom build enclosure for your specific apllication

Power Amplifier Units

                             for eddy current dynamometers

  • Full-wave regenerative units

  • 4-Quadrant operation

  • 3 different models to choose from depending upon field coil requirements

  • 230 VAC to 480 VAC input

  • Standard models up to 520 VDC output

  • Standard models up to 140 ADC ouput

  • Configurable for 50/60 Hz

  • Reverse current limit

  • Forward current limit

  • Optional Fieldbus communication

  • Analog Output 0-10VDC

  • Digital I/O's

  • Rack mount or Wall mount depending upon application

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